Locally owned and operated we are a professional window and pressure cleaning business servicing the residential and commercial sectors. We provide a range of other useful services including solar panel cleaning, high pressure cleaning, exterior mould removal, flyscreen cleaning and repair, and final builders cleans (post construction).
Hi, my name is Reuben and I've been window and pressure cleaning  professionally for over 10 years.
Striving to make our customers happy is of up most importance in every clean we do, There is nothing more satisfiying than witnessing the expression on our customers faces when they realise the difference a thorough window and pressure clean makes to their beautiful home.


  1.        Window Cleaning
    Window Cleaning
  2.      Solar Panel Cleaning
    Solar Panel Cleaning
  3.           House Washing
    House Washing
Take pride in your home by keeping your windows clean, adding a fresh elegant look and brightening your house up by bringing in natural sun light.
Regular window cleaning by our professional window cleaners will ensure your windows remain stain free. Neglecting your windows can actually damage them over time and they will likley becoming stained and need possible replacement.
A build up of dirt, grime, animal droppings and oil from leaves could be reducing the efficiency of your solar panels.
Rain water doesn’t wash your car and it is not keeping your solar panels clean either!
Most solar panel manufacturers recommend having the panels cleaned a minumum of once every 12 months. We can help setup a schedule that’s helpful and affordable.
Exterior house washing is an excellent regular service that ensures that dirt, spider-webs and mould are removed from your building exterior, paths, and
driveway, keeping them in tip top shape.
This is also a critical service for those in the process of selling their property as it will potentially add value and enhance the perspective for potential byers.


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    Title 12
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    Title 13
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